Tuesday, 25 August 2009


It's a pyjamas and coffee in bed today. I should explain that it's not laziness really, more sort of a shifting of deskspace as I no longer have a chair in the space that doubles up as a bedroom and studio. Serious internet connectivity means i can't post any new work at the moment, as the world wide web falls over and dies at the enormous strain of uploading a 250kb image. That would be a quarter of the the bottom left pixel of most of my recent stuff, and I can't be beggered to resize. It would only take a minute, I am being epically lazy. Apologies. I'd go to find someone else's blog to follow in disgust at my nonchalant misanthropy. Try Charlie Brooker's.

Wedding invitations, shoes and Scarlet aside, it has been a very quiet summer. I have so many book ideas in mind, but haven't got my ass into gear before TEACHING SCHOOL starts in earnest. I should be going out drawing but have somehow just spent the last week propping up the local bars and sobbing into a Chablis, that my friends are all paid enough to eat, and I have to steal bread out of my flatmate's freezer compartment. Though on Monday i did manage to put in a couple of invoices, so watch out Lidl! Come payday, I'm going to buy you and sell you to Tesco's. Pah!

Oh a remarkable upside, I managed to empty a pub last night by trying my hand at singing Imogen Heap covers and a folk song about staggering through premonitions of death. Then i thought i'd raise the tone and a few giggles by playing Radiohead. The effect was similar to spiking, nah, replacing people's drinks with citric acid; The kinds of facial contortions usually reserved for those in the final death throws of cyanide poisoning. I think i shall return to drawing...

For those who actually hope to see some work on here, i shall use IT time on wednesday to sneakily upload something nice for you. Wait, shall i have a go?

worth trawlling through this rant for? probably not, though thanks for the effort.

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  1. After wading through your monologue of summer excitement, which took me the better part of 2 minutes (so not a massive waste of my tender life) I have decided that you need external aid. And the advice from myself is YES PLEASE! let's see some more artwork from you, as you are one talented illustrator. Chuck one out or maybe more so we can have a look and faint in awe.

    PS I'm sure you're singing wasn't that bad...really???