Thursday, 6 August 2009

Well here's an insight into the current state of play!

I moved to Penryn, quite accidently, as I was in a living pickle over contracts, appropriate tax bands and the joy of (possibly) returning to studentship!

Penryn is a lumbering relic of possibly what was once quite a nice old town, now overun with chavs and Lidl. And a propensity of drivers who singleminded seem hell bent on taking people's wing mirrors off, if not our front door on the odd occassion.
I am ruddy loving it, as you might be able to tell.

Secondly, Tom Sharpe, myself and Philippa Rushworth have now stepped up a gear on our 24hour illustrated comics proposal. If you are interested in producing an entire illustrated book in 24 hours (this may seem oddly familar to those of you who suffered the level 1 illustrated book at UCF, though I am assured we were given the option of more time) please please contact me. We have funding being sorted out to both use and exhibit at the Poly in Falmouth in November.

Thirdly, I'm still hoping that one day I might be ace enough to teach Illustration to others. So I keep up the work, and will start my Dttls in Sep at Camborne. Lush.

Oh, yeah fourthly, here is that work I've been keeping up...

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