Wednesday, 4 March 2009

2 hours in a taxi and 3 and a half in coach D firstgreatpissedon make cally something something....
Go crazy? Don't mind if i do.

Three things are making me happy.
1) Don Draper. John Hamm, you are some kind of god.
2) I have been listening to 'Bodysnatchers' (the 'head) on repeat for 27 minutes
3) there is a lovely lovely boy in Plymouth who makes me feel like a 15yr old on a first date everytime i see him

It is nigh on impossible to draw on a train. I am going to be talking about Illustration in a primary school in North London tomorrow. I shall not tell the aspiring artists that illustration = starvation/disapointment and satsumas for tea most days.
Actuall, a satsuma would be really good right now...

1 comment:

  1. Is it really that bad? not much money?

    Is there time for a part-time job