Friday, 6 March 2009

Yesterday was lovely! The tiny smalls were ecstatic to meet a big crazy lady who draws for a living. Campsbourne is a really lovely little school with such a positive arty vibe, and even the stropy kids got excited when i showed them my pictures and explained what i do. I think it's the first time i've felt like a professional drawerer. Not only that but it's made me realise just what an impact what we illustrators do has on little people. It's really made me want to tackle a picture book project again.

Went to see Agent Lady this morning. She's full of the joys of spring, promising big things from Egmont and dragging my folio to Bologna next week. What will materialise however is a different fruitbowl of fish. This wouldn't be the first time silly Cally got overexcited about the fragile phantom promise of a juicy job and ended up whimpering with her paws over her nose waiting by the phone. Poocakes. I get 'yah-darlink' blinded in a haze of 'mwahs' in these matters. Repeat after me. I must keep my pencils on the ground. Or my feet on the paper. Or something.

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  1. If you enjoy wowing smalls, come and stay with me and entertain smalls at our school for an afternoon - they'd love it!
    Catherine x