Friday, 11 September 2009

Moved by some beautiful dresses by Claire Armitage (search for her on ) and some seriously gorgeous reportage work by Anna Cattermole (I must find out if she has a website, I'm not sure my google hitting is bringing up the right lady) to properly pull my finger out, and explore the joy of illustration through textile design...and a song about wallpaper and heartbreak by the Black Maria Memorial Fund (please check 'em out! I am their newest member)
so watch this space! I'm loving the idea of putting together a design and having it printed digitally onto silk and wool and other lovely things, and a possible collaboration with Sarah Hunt, an immensely talented haberdasher and designer...

oh, I'm so excited I have almost forgotten my misanthropic ranting from the last post...

I start teacher training on Monday, so wish me some luck x

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