Friday, 27 February 2009

I'm having a think about this self promotion marlarky today...what a lot of fun it is. Actually it's terrifying, because if you let it slip at this stage (i.e straight out of school and wet behind the proverbials) you lose all that magic sparkle that goes with being the new blood. Soon i won't be a new graduate, i'll be a recent graduate, and then a resting graduate, and then a bum. Slippery

Whenyhoo, I'm going to talk to my friend Simon today and see if i can't sweet talk him into making some badges for me...
See! Crayons! Crayons=colouring in=what illustrator's major in at art school! Simples!
Gotta collect em' all
Must go before bad advertising copy becomes my only vernacular. Or i get sued.

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