Thursday, 26 February 2009

I tried mucking about putting some swirly stuff behind the text, but it looked cobbled together and naff. I then had a paddy about it, with the sense that I am a directionless art-tart who'll do anything for money. Welcome to the tawdy neon wilderness of Commercial Illustration.

Then, after i'd pulled myself together and had a stiff Cabernet shiraz, I re-read the rules and realised you had to pay £5 to even enter the bloody competition. Five whole english pounds! A hundred entrants and they've got the prize money right there! Arrange the following words into a well know phrase or saying. Off. Bugger.

That's another bottle of this Cabernet, very resonably half price at Tesco's at the minute. When a lady young enough to be my daughter doesn't ID me, won't accept a University Staff ID photo ID card, and makes the sniveling blonde skaterboy behind me snicker as he produces a provisional driving licence to buy his 3 litre bottle of White Lightning. And ID ing is supposed to discourage irresponsible drinking. Ha.

Whoops. Rant. I'll be back later with something nice. x

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