Monday, 16 May 2011

well it's late and it's like this. Having spent a fair chunk of this evening lying in the bath and wondering absently about whether planning a new wardrobe around a sudden obsession with dressing like Amy Pond is a good idea, and getting suds in the keyboard doing Google searches for that leather jacket, I'm doing some serious life planning at the back of this frustrated display of only thinly veiled geeketteiness.

You know those dreams you have where you feel like you can get away with anything, because you're away it's only a dream and it doesn't matter; you'll wake up soon enough? well I think I've come to the conclusion that life is very similar to those dreams, only replace 'wake-up' with 'die' and you're nearer the mark.

Have i quoted the cat from Alice here on this blog already?

that's the great thing about the unknown.

but is it uncertainty or fear of getting it wrong and wasting time that's stopping me making some real decisions? I think you can probably waste your life being scared of getting it too wrong and not being able to get things back...

inbetween the amy daydreams, and getting bogged down in the petty ridiculouses of 9-5 employment for a less than liberal arts college, I'm looking for a way to explore some of the US, if only for a short while, and pertaining to hanging around some reasonable indie comics shops. if anyone knows anyone, or anyway to help with this little dream fragment, please keep me posted. I could be the token redhead who hangs around the Onipress section wittering about the dearth of good indie writing now Alan Moore has become a Northampton bar-fly.

Too deep? If anyone has a cute leather jacket and a scottish accent they dont want, I'm right here, for a little bit longer anyway...

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