Monday, 1 November 2010

This happened,

Hi guys it's been a while. Picture making has kind of taken a backfooting in my new role as Digital Media Tech at UCF. Which pays the bills.

I love drawing but it was making me have to decide between rent and food.

I will always keep this up. It leaves a gap when I don't do it and being surrounded by super creative students all day long does in fact keep me hungry and poised for exciting pencil action as soon as possible

I wrote a book. there were budgies involved. I dressed in gold paper and doodles and assaulted several publishers with it.

Anybody who fancies a look over, I can send them a PDF version for joyous appraisal

Please email me and you get a little digital copy.

If by any fluke, yopu are the publishers i sent it too, please think of my little face all lit up with joy should you wish to publish.
Too Many Budgies © Cally Gibson 2010

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  1. i love your illustrations! would you do one for my blog?
    ps:please contact me at